Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Sharon Lockhardt

A project with young Polish women, Lockhardt builds a kind of portrait of this group of women from the Youth Socio-Therapy Center that builds empowerment of girls coming of age.

Enclavia/Serbia - Painting, a Consequence of This Kind of Life

Cinthia Marcelle - video by Tiago Mata Machado ["chao de caca" (hunting floor?)]

The project presents a destabilizing atmosphere - from the slanted steel grated floor, stones stuck in the grid and some visible through the floor, flag-like posts, snake-like roping, to the video which depicts workers/prisoners removing a tile roof from inside - images of imprisonment and uprising and escape.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

to resume...

home again...when the jet lag subsides, posts will resume.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Alicja Kwade

more balls...more interesting...more about scale and "terrestrial" displacement. These are also a site for dance festival and sound/costume works by Mariechen Danz.


This work presents an ironic collision between the natural and the foreign with regard to both technology and displacement. iPhones are compared to primitive stone tools in a vitrine. An accompanying video shows a young woman (always without her face showing), walking around a city carrying a stone tool similarly to the way one would carry a cell phone, in plain view. In another video piece, the edge of an Macbook Air laptop, with ax handle attached, is sharpened using traditional hand-sharpening techniques with a wet stone.  Then an apple is sliced in half to demonstrate its sharpness. The laptop is also on display in a vitrine. Another project documents Japanese Snow Monkeys displaced to Texas.

Martin Cordiano - Common Places

The text for this piece infers isolation within an architectural model/plan. The artist is an exiled Argentinian. The structure acts as allegory. For me it mostly remains formalist.